The Stoney Mountain Ramblers



SMR at the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival 2014

Influenced by the traditions of Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs and the Grateful Dead, the Stoney Mountain Ramblers get the crowd hootin' and hollerin' with their hot picking, high-lonesome harmonies, barn-burning dance tunes and the occasional "odd" cover.

The group formed in 2001, in the Stoney Mountain district of Menlo Park. Mainstays of the peninsula pre-school circuit, the band has also performed at a variety of historic Bay Area bluegrass venues, including the Pioneer Saloon, the Brookdale Lodge, and the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival in Hollister, CA.

The Stoney Mountain Ramblers love to play just about anywhere, anytime, and are available for weddings, parties, festivals and corporate events. 

The Stoney Mountain Ramblers are:

RobertRobert Zeien (guitar) started in Montana and took a long detour through Texas on his way to the Bay Area.  Along the way, he traded his electric guitar and rock 'n' roll ways for the simplicity of a D-28 and some flatpickin' fun. When not strapped to his Martin he wages cyberwar against hackers and waits dutifully on his wife, two kids and dog.

SteveSteve Joynes (fiddle) hails from a backwoods holler in Virginia.  He's played fiddle in several Bay Area bluegrass bands including Down Home, Luck of the Draw, Smokin' Hams, and Wires And Wood. Steve picks more than anybody we know and is always looking for a new jam.

Scott Scott Dailey (banjo) is also the band's booking agent, webmaster, and sound engineer. His studio doubles as the band's worldwide headquarters. Recently freed from the Evil Grasp of Corporate America, Scott does management consulting and recording projects in his studio.

Big BillBill Hamburgen (bass) played string bass in symphony orchestras throughout his school years in Minnesota.  After suffering a head injury, he joined La Honda's legendary acid-bluegrass garage band, the Buffalo Chips. A whiff of real bluegrass became a 7-year stint with the Grass Menagerie. Bill is "considered something of an expert by leading authorities."

GaryGary Anwyl (dobro) is a long time electric and slide guitarist who decided to take up dobro.  The Stoney Mountain Ramblers is Gary's first bluegrass project. In anticipation of a lucrative bluegrass career Gary has already quit his day job.

Doc Scott"Doc" Scott Klein (mandolin) who does not play a doctor on TV, comes from the Santa Cruz Mountains. Given his nickname by the ONLY Scott in the band, he can be found staying up late jamming at various festivals and bacchanals throughout the year.

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